Austin Legal Group represents the legal interests of businesses and individuals across the country. The firm was founded on a desire to deliver excellent legal services in a personalized and economical manner.



Our reputation has been built on finding practical solutions for our clients and, when necessary, achieving results through the litigation process.

Our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to see issues in context and guide clients through the legal process to achieve practical, cost-effective results.



The team of attorneys at Austin Legal Group is multi-talented and multi-faceted. Several of our attorneys have received, local, state, and national recognition for their respective accomplishments. Some have taken the lead in complex, high-profile cases that have received considerable news coverage.

Results obtained depend on the facts of each case. Individual attorneys licensed to practice law in the states of California, Hawaii, and Arizona.

Across our practice areas, Austin Legal Group attorneys share the common ideal of seeking the best solutions for our clients. We listen first and then advise on the best strategy to achieve our client’s goals.

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