Litigation & Administrative Law

Austin Legal Group’s litigation attorneys bring their extensive experience in administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, state and federal court (bench trials and jury trials) and assist clients from the pre-litigation stage, through trial, and post judgment. Our litigation clients include individuals, partnerships, and private and public business entities. Austin Legal Group attorneys are committed to understanding the client need from the outset, managing expectations and costs along the way, and helping clients navigate the litigation process. Austin Legal Group experience handling an array of litigation issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Litigation Avoidance Strategy: We attempt to resolve matters through party to party negotiations or non-binding mediation.
  • Business & Contract Disputes: We advise, support, and resolve a variety of business litigation matters including breach of contract actions, fraud, and business torts. Through our transactional practice, we understand the business side to such disputes and work closely with our clients to achieve the desired result. We also understand that a company’s directors and officers are under constant scrutiny and frequently face opposition to their management decisions and this opposition is disruptive to business operations. We work to find the best resolution to these disputes, whether by confidential settlement, private dispute resolution, or trial which may include bringing or defending a shareholder derivative action, bringing or defending a receivership request, or brining or defending injunctions.
  • California Anti-SLAPP: California’s Anti-SLAPP statute protects individuals and businesses right to free speech or petition in certain circumstances and is designed to end such lawsuits quickly. Austin Legal Group has experience filing and opposing Anti-SLAPP motions.
  • Employment Defense: Austin Legal Group defends claims against employers to include wage and hour claims and wrongful termination. Austin Legal Group defends claims in administrative hearings, mediation, arbitration, or court.
  • Real Property Disputes: Austin Legal Group handles a variety of real estate disputes to include title disputes, disputed purchase and sale transaction (commercial and residential), lien priority issues, secured loan issues, fraudulent property transfer, quiet title, partition, easement disputes, and nuisance.
  • Unlawful Detainer: Austin Legal Group handles residential and commercial evictions to include preparing the proper notices, filing and service, representation at the unlawful detainer trial for possession, and judgments for money damages.
  • Zoning and Land Use: Austin Legal Group has extensive experience representing both residential and commercial clients in zoning matters and our clients include developers, contractors and entrepreneurs. Our attorneys possess a high level of knowledge of local government operations and represent clients before planning boards, zoning boards, and other governmental agencies and review bodies. If needed, we appear on behalf of clients in state and federal courts in land use, zoning and related matters. Because Austin Legal Group assists clients with permit and zoning applications, our firm is well positions to represent clients on disputes that arise from these processes. We understand the procedures required by the various agencies and boards and understand the different time limits on appeals imposed by each agency. We regularly handle zoning issues, land use planning, environmental impacts, variances, appeals of adverse zoning decisions to include mandamus proceedings.
  • Cannabis: Austin Legal Group has extensive cannabis experience and represents cannabis businesses of all types. We understand the complexity cannabis licensure has on disputes of all types and we have the experience to consider and understand the impacts local and state cannabis licensure has on business disputes.


Our foremost priority is obtaining results for our clients. We encourage communication early on in a dispute and we strive to find efficient and expeditious resolution to litigation issues through consistent communication with our clients and all parties involved. Ultimately, our goal is our client’s success in their matter.

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